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Homeowners Plumbing Supply Glendale Az

Homeowners Plumbing Supply Glendale Az – Plumbing is one of the most important systems in your home, and plumbing issues are often scary, surprising, and expensive. We have over 40 years of experience in all aspects of plumbing and we want to share all our knowledge with you in this simple, easy to follow guide.

Imagine having an uncle who is a journeyman plumber who can answer your questions and walk you through everything you need to know about your plumbing job.

Homeowners Plumbing Supply Glendale Az

Homeowners Plumbing Supply Glendale Az

Are you thinking about hiring a plumber to do a job on your home but want to make sure they’re doing a good job and getting a fair price? Chapter 4 is where you want to start

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Problems with the water heater? Chapter 5. Drain or toilet clogged? Chapter 6. Other important plumbing issues? Chapters 7-10! you get the picture

Chapter 9: Common Installation Problems Chapter 10: Plate Rejection Chapter 11: Bottom Line: The Importance of Choosing the Right Pipe for the Job

Your plumbing system is the “brain” of your home and it’s important to understand how it works and how to keep it in top condition.

Water comes from the street (usually provided by your municipality) to your water meter via underground pipes. The water comes through the shut-off valve, which we will discuss in more detail later. When water comes into your home, one line goes to your heating system and another line goes cold water to your home’s faucets. Hot water flows from your water heater to all plumbing fixtures that use hot water.

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For example, when you use water in the sink, shower, toilet, or washing machine, excess wastewater enters the city sewer system through the drain lines and out of your building’s sewers. Build sewers that feed into sewers that feed your back sewer into the city sewer system.

A pressurized pipe that leaks in your home can cause serious damage in minutes. A broken half inch copper water pipe with normal water pressure can eject 10,000 gallons of water in a few hours. In just minutes, the reverse osmosis system under the kitchen sink damages the water and quickly drains it onto your floor.

When you buy a home, your agent will have a home inspector inspect the home for defects before you complete the sale. Your landlord may recommend a home inspection company and we strongly encourage you to pay for this inspection. However, the home inspector is usually a generalist and may know little about plumbing.

Homeowners Plumbing Supply Glendale Az

He or she will examine your water heater for general plumbing problems and may even examine the supply lines to identify any problems. However, the best way to protect yourself when buying a home is to also hire a plumber to do a full home plumbing inspection. After all, plumbing is essential to the functionality of your home. If your dream home has major plumbing problems, you may have to spend thousands of dollars on repairs.

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During our full home plumbing inspection, an experienced plumber not only examines the most common areas of plumbing failure, but also examines more than 60 of the most common plumbing problems in your home. This comprehensive plumbing inspection ensures you know what you are buying and will let the seller know if there are any plumbing issues that the seller should address prior to purchase.

Even in a “hot” real estate market, many sellers will compromise when faced with evidence that their home has plumbing problems, even though the market is changing rapidly with rising interest rates.

Here are some examples of plumbing components that will fail over time or benefit from regular maintenance. A sanitary inspector should comment on all of these components.

In a hot housing market, many buyers succumb to market pressures and often make hasty decisions. You can quickly schedule a whole house plumbing inspection to ensure your plumbing is in good working order before closing the escrow.

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In the current real estate market, many long-term owners are taking equity and selling to investors. These investors quickly renovate and “turn” the home, often making tens of thousands of dollars in profit. A flip house can look attractive because the seller/builder did a good job of remodeling it. However, the work can be difficult and problems at home often arise soon after moving in.

Take a local home near us, for example. We know the owner who has struggled financially for years, procrastinating on repairs, landscaping and repair needs. Eventually, when real estate prices in our area rose, he sold the house to an investor. The investor was driving the Corvette within days and the workers were coming home. We watched a complete renovation, including a new roof, take place over the next few months. But guess what? Not a single vehicle appeared with the name of the contractor. Each worker arrived in a car or private car. Who did the work? They are probably not licensed, bonded and insured contractors. We also did not observe any city inspectors arriving at any inspection time.

The house has only been on the market for renovation for a few weeks. The new owners were millennials looking forward to being together in their first home. A pipe truck arrived a few days after they moved in, followed by heavy rain that night. The roof came out to put the roof on. The house was in trouble and the owners of the house were away from the house for two weeks.

Homeowners Plumbing Supply Glendale Az

Does this apply to every flip? Probably not. But here are a few things to consider when operating in the real estate market.

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You may want to visit the county clerk’s office, according to real estate agent Jeff Taber, who works with many homeowners in Glendale at Help-U-Sell West Valley. Find out who owns it, how much they paid, and how long they’ve owned the home. If the current seller only has it for three to six months, it’s a sale. If the interior of the house is freshly painted, that’s a telltale sign. “If the kitchen and bathrooms are remodeled, that’s probably a turnoff,” Taber said.

Taber offers a few tips to avoid the headache of moving house. “Have a home inspection done by a reputable home inspector. Also find a professional plumber and qualified air conditioning person to inspect the house. Home inspectors just don’t do everything. You’ll pay a little more for these inspections, but they’re worth the percentage if you’re avoiding even one broken drain or major air conditioner malfunction.

“Make sure you get a home guarantee,” advises Taber. “You can ask the seller to pay, but if the seller doesn’t pay, you invest about $450 to buy the home guarantee yourself. The first year is the cheapest; the price goes up a little every year,” says Taber. .

“Ask the current owner for a complete list of all repairs and maintenance performed. You want details if possible – who made the repairs and what was done – and make sure the owner signs off on it,” advises Taber. “Also ask about any permits the pinball machine has. You may find that nothing has been inspected, which could mean things like a water heater not being allowed to be installed under the current code and more,” he said.

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“Most fins don’t fill out the [Discovery] form. They’ll say, ‘I don’t know what’s going on, I just bought the house.’ It’s been fixed. When they tear the wall apart and see evidence of water leaking, they know what’s going on. They don’t want to go on a release form because without a signed release, it’s difficult to sue them.” In a hot real estate market like Phoenix’s, plaintiffs typically refuse to disclose, according to Taber.

“Don’t just focus on the look of the house, focus on the quality,” says Taber. “You can always slowly make changes once you get the hang of it. It’s better than buying a nice house full of expensive accessories.

“Some flipping houses are good jumps,” Taber said, “but others aren’t. Sometimes problems arise quickly and sometimes much later. But they happen anyway.” can be expensive,” Taber said.

Homeowners Plumbing Supply Glendale Az

All of this is not to say that every real estate “flip” is a bad house or a bunch of problems waiting to happen. It just means that diligence is important to avoid having problems at home becoming your problems.

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Even if you’re not the hands-on type, it’s important to have a basic understanding of how home plumbing works. With this understanding you will be able to do so

As much as we love hot showers and clean clothes, the most important part of your home plumbing isn’t your water heater or washing machine. The most important part of your home’s plumbing isn’t inside your home. It’s also often the most overlooked because you never use it until you need it.

After years of experience with plumbing gone wrong, we give you our vote on the most important part of plumbing.

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